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Traders Fair Malaysia 2019



Bloconomic is back in 2019 with the first of Blockchain Award in South East Asia. 10 categories, and 1 grand winner, mainly to appreciate the continuous effort of the blockchain enthusiast from all over the world. Taking place on 25th April 2019 in Putrajaya, Malaysia, the event will be the opening of the award with the nominations of various company in the blockchain field. 

Last year, Bloconomic Economic Summit was a huge success with participants of 3000 people, 150 media partners, 30 association members and regulator for SEA, 250 investor and venture capital, 70 speakers globally, 10 academy and universities, government  from all around the world.  They are the government delegates, exhibitors, regulators,  research institutes, financial institution as well as fintech and internet finance companies, Blockchain technology and industry application companies, cryptocurrency and digital asset related companies.

The event covers panel discussion session, business pitch, and award nomination and launching of voting campaign.  After 25th April 2019, the voting will run from that date until 14th August 2019 which the award ceremony will happen in Bloconomic Expo on 15th-16th August 2019. Hence, voting period and blockchain award will run along the year which will excites the contestant even more. 

Don’t miss out on what’s happening in the blockchain industry, so here’s some of the reasons why you should join Bloconomic 2019.

What is there in Bloconomic Excellence Award?

  • Panel discussion
  • MOU ceremony with local university (MSU)
  • Award nomination campaign announcement through a voting system & judging counsel
  • Business & Nomination pitch
  • Networking session
  • After-party event

Who is joining Bloconomic Excellence Award?

  • Thousands of attendees
  • Hundreds of media exposure
  • Association partners
  • Influential speaker
  • Investors & blockchain venture capitalist

Why you should join Bloconomic (25th April 2019)?

  • First Blockchain Award in Malaysia
  • Business networking opportunities 
  • Company/brand exposure
  • Exposure to global leaders and company
  • Meet up with blockchain influencer


Blockchain event in Malaysia is getting exciting with the Blockchain Award that will be held in Bloconomic Expo (15-16 August 2019).  Become their sponsor and get a complimentary award submission for the desire category that you want to participate. Sponsor will get various privilege and marketing benefits for company brand exposure. 

The early you subscribe, the higher the chance to get high number of votes!

Here is some info about the upcoming Bloconomic Expo (15-16 August 2019):

What is there in Bloconomic Expo?

• Awards ceremony

• Expo & Exhibition

• Conference & Panel discussion

• Networking session

• Business pitch

• After-party event

Who is joining Bloconomic Expo in August?

• Approximately 3000 attendees from global government, associations,  research institutes, the financial institution as well as fintech and internet finance companies, Blockchain technology and industry application companies, cryptocurrency and digital asset related companies.

• 100 media partners

• 20 Association leaders

• 50 Influential speakers

• 150 investors & blockchain venture capitalist from eco-system partner

Bloconomic Excellence Award categories:

  • Woman of The Year
  • Man of The Year
  • Best Innovation In Blockchain Award
  • Best Blockchain Achiever Award
  • Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Award
  • Best Blockchain Technology Developer Award
  • Best Blockchain Sustainability & Implementation Award
  • Disruptor of The Year 2018 Award
  • Best Blockchain Start Up Award
  • Best Blockchain Media Choice Award
  • Best Blockchain Community Award
  • Biggest Blockchain Contributor Award
  • Policy Maker of The Year

Regardless of the sponsorship package you choose, your company’s name will be included in Bloconomic event program and you’ll be included in the press release that they  publish in their website. 

Further inquiry please reach at Visit for details.