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Harapan Coin (HRP) – World’s First Crypto to be Used in the Political Sphere

What a surprise. Malaysia has become the first country to utilise ICO in order to raise funds in preparation for the coming GE. In a press release CCN’s website published yesterday evening, HarapanCoin aims to become a digital currency that revolutionizes campaign elections. Or more specific, how campaign financing works.

According to their spokesperson, “We believe that HarapanCoin ICO will succeed because of our strong community of supporters all over the world. We are confident that this year’s election campaign will be able to maximize Pakatan Harapan’s potential to win the election through the contributions made.” There’s no doubt that they are taking a very strategic stance in circumventing Malaysia’s current government’s unfair restrictions when it comes to the opposition.

We all know the benefits one can gain from cryptocurrency and ICOs. And the opposition is leveraging the Blockchain technology and capitalizing their influence to come up with a way to win the General Election. In the writer’s humble opinion, the positive effects from this venture are far-reaching and bear more importance than what we could expect.

The question is, can we trust HRP (short for HarapanCoin)? With all the scams running aground, is HRP another ploy to bait naive supporters? Or is it truly a well thought-out plan by the opposition? Their obscured identities on their website certainly don’t lend confidence that the whole thing is not a sham.

So naturally, we tried to reach out to the people behind the ICO through email. And their reply, while succint, is quite on point: “In the spirit of honesty and transparency, we will declare our hot wallet and ask the leaders to announce their wallets in social media as well. Since the open ledger technology itself is transparent, our leaders, friends and comrades, will be able to see the movements of the coins easily.”

As a writer who values privacy as much as the next person, their answer is quite satisfying. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized world that celebrates anonymity. And declaration of one’s wallet out in the open is like showing the contents of your bank account. With Blockchain technology, supporters can easily trace and see where their contributions ends up in like never before. And this is what makes the whole thing appealing.

HRP is the first crypto-politic ICO in the world

Visit and you will be initially swept away by all the redness, an apt colour to raise the spirit of supporters. Their slogan shouts out, “Change Malaysia via Cryptocurrency”. Eliciting opposing sentiments aside, HRP’s main objective is to raise significant funds for the opposition to win the general election.

While it is arguable whether they will manage to carry out the ICO unscathed, it is truly and honestly a new way of funding an election campaign. And the people behind this ICO, hidden as they are, do represent the sentiments of their supporters who want to fight against the currency government control.Two reasons HRP is important to the supporters

In the writer’s opinion, the launching of HRP ICO brings about two important messages. Firstly, it is a symbol of hope for the supporters, not only within the country but all over the world. According to HRP’s whitepaper, in the previous election campaigns, banks under the control of the government have stopped contributions coming in, especially internationally. Transactions are delayed until its too late, or rejected with banks citing outrageous justifications for their rejections, or worse, no reasons at all.

While contributions for the opposition party are intercepted, the same could not be said for the government. It has been misusing the country’s resources for “populist policies” such as wage increments or cash disbursements, in order to gain support from the nation. As it is, Malaysia is not the only country to adopt this very tactic. At least a few other countries known for their unfair and one-sided elections have used the same tactic. Therefore, the opposition’s strategy is one that is certainly creative and innovative, and not to mention very important in overcoming this obstacle.

Which brings us to the second message: progressiveness. The opposition has shown that they are more than willing to explore new avenues. These include an openness towards Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency that the current government is not showing. If you recall, Bank Negara Malaysia has finally taken the first step towards regulating cryptocurrency (refer to article  Bank Negara mengeluarkan Polisi Matawang Kripto: Apa kesannya?), and yet Malaysia is not known for being a Blockchain-friendly country. The HRP ICO at least signifies that the opposition understand the impact of cryptocurrency in the world today. And in the future they can make decisions that will benefit Malaysia.

What’s the advantage?

Glad you asked. Thousand of articles, including the ones in have reiterated the benefits of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency over and over. What HRP offers is more than the usual appreciation of price as more people own HRP. It is a potential to consider HRP as Malaysia’s own digital currency if Pakatan Harapan wins the election this year. Surely everyone who owns HRPs will benefit from that. More than that, where else will you be able to benefit from contributing money? Well, besides feeling good that you’re contributing for a good cause, that is.

How to contribute?

The HRP ICO will carry out in two stages. The first stage has already started on the 1st April 2018 and will end in 13 days. The second stage will commence on the 20th April 2018. In the first stage, 1 HRP = USD$0.30 and in the second, 1 HRP = USD$0.35. The minimum amount you can contribute is USD$30. HRP ICO is targeting USD$257,750,000 and the total HRP is 4,485,000,000.

You can get more information and read their whitepaper on their website,

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